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Public Accounts 101

A Public Account allows businesses, brands and public figures to interact and form connections with Viber users around the globe. As a channel that encourages both engagement and personal connections, Public Accounts can be used for a wide variety of purposes - including sales, marketing, support, announcements and more.

Your Public Account consists of three parts:

Info screen The face of a Public Account and the place where users choose how to interact with it.

Public Chat Allowing Public Account owners to build their brand personality by sharing various types of content and exposing users to behind the scenes at your brand.

1-on-1 chat Viber users and businesses interact directly, in the familiar way users use personal chats.


One of the great services we offer our Public Account owners is the ability to chat with their users in a 1-on-1 conversation through our PA-API.

Once a Public Account has registered, it can use this API to programmatically send messages and receive responses from users.


Start creating your Public Account by opening the Viber app on your phone.

  1. Open Public Accounts through the Public Accounts icon at the top right of your screen
  2. Once you’re on the Public Accounts home page, tap on the create button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on Join now to start creating your Public Account

Now you can create your account in the three steps below. A more detailed guide to each of these steps can be found in our support site.


Once your application has been approved you will be sent a message inviting you to start creating your Public Account.

Authentication token

The authentication token (also known as application key) is a unique and secret account identifier. It is used to authenticate requests in the Public Accounts API and to prevent unauthorized persons from sending requests on behalf of a Public Account. You will need this token when during the integration process.

The authentication token is generated upon Public Account creation and can be viewed by the account’s admins in the “edit info” screen of their Public Account.

Supported platforms

Public accounts are currently supported on iOS and android devices running Viber version 6.5 and above and on desktop from version 6.5.3.

Don’t forget to check our support site for tips, best practices and guidance.