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The public accounts API allows sending a custom keyboard with each messsage, to supply the user with a set of predefined replies or actions. The keyboard can be attached to any message type or sent on it’s on. Once received, the keyboard will appear to the user instead of the device’s native keyboard. The keyboards are fully customizable and can be created and designed specifically for the PA’s needs.

The client will always display the last keyboard that was sent to it.

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Attaching a keyboard to a message

Keyboards can be attached to any message type and be sent and displayed together. To attach a keyboard to a message simply add the keyboard’s parameters to the message JSON.
The keyboard JSON object defines different visual and logic attributes. From the background color, number of buttons and so on.

The example below shows a keyboard sent with a single message.

	"keyboard": {
		"DefaultHeight": true,
		"BgColor": "#FFFFFF",
		"Buttons": [{
			"Columns": 6,
			"Rows": 1,
			"BgColor": "#2db9b9",
			"BgMediaType": "gif",
			"BgMedia": "",
			"BgLoop": true,
			"ActionType": "open-url",
			"ActionBody": "",
			"Image": "",
			"Text": "Key text",
			"TextVAlign": "middle",
			"TextHAlign": "center",
			"TextOpacity": 60,
			"TextSize": "regular"

Which in turn will look like this

General keyboard parameters

Name Description Possible values Default value
Buttons required. Array containing all keyboard buttons by order. See buttons parameters below for buttons parameters details    
BgColor optional. Background color of the keyboard Valid color HEX value Default Viber keyboard background
DefaultHeight optional. When true - the keyboard will always be displayed with the same height as the native keyboard.When false - short keyboards will be displayed with the minimal possible height. Maximal height will be native keyboard height true, false false

Buttons parameters

The following parameters can be defined for each button in the “buttons” array separately. Each button must contain at least one of the following optional parameters: text, BgMedia, image, BgColor.

Name Description Possible values Default value
Columns optional. Button width in columns. See keyboard design for more details 1-6 6
Rows optional. Button height in rows. See keyboard design for more details 1-2 1
BgColor optional. Background color of button Valid color HEX value Default Viber button color
Silent optional. Determine whether the user action is presented in the conversation true/false false
BgMediaType optional. Type of the background media picture, gif. For picture - JPEG and PNG files are supported. Max size: 500 kb picture
BgMedia optional. URL for background media content (picture or gif). Will be placed with aspect to fill logic Valid URL  
BgLoop optional. When true - animated background media (gif) will loop continuously. When false - animated background media will play once and stop true , false true
ActionType optional. Type of action pressing the button will perform. Reply - will send a reply to the PA. open-url - will open the specified URL and send the URL as reply to the PA. See reply logic for more details reply, open-url, none reply
ActionBody required. Text for reply and none. ActionType or URL for open-url. See reply logic for more details For ActionType reply - text For ActionType open-url - Valid URL.  
Image optional. URL of image to place on top of background (if any). Can be a partially transparent image that will allow showing some of the background. Will be placed with aspect to fill logic Valid URL. JPEG and PNG files are supported. Max size: 500 kb  
Text optional. Text to be displayed on the button. Can contain some HTML tags - see keyboard design for more details Free text. Valid and allowed HTML tags Max 250 characters. If the text is too long to display on the button it will be cropped and ended with “…”  
TextVAlign optional. Vertical alignment of the text top, middle, bottom middle
TextHAlign optional. Horizontal align of the text left, center, right center
TextOpacity optional. Text opacity 0-100 100
TextSize optional. Text size out of 3 available options small, regular, large regular
OpenURLType optional. Determine the open-url action result, in app or external browser internal, external internal
OpenURLMediaType optional. Determine the url media type. not-media - force browser usage. video - will be opened via media player. gif - client will play the gif in full screen mode. picture - client will open the picture in full screen mode not-media , video , gif , picture not-media
TextBgGradientColor optional. Background gradient to use under text, Works only when TextVAlign is equal to top or bottom Hex value (6 characters)  

Note: The Silent parameter is supported on devices running Viber version 6.7 and above.

Keyboard design

The keyboard is divided into 6 columns. Each button has a width of 1-6 columns. The client will display the buttons according to the order they were sent in, and will fit as many buttons as possible into each row. If the next button to display can’t be fitted into the current row it will be displayed in the row below. For landscape mode, keyboard’s width will be doubled to 24 columns, and buttons will be displayed according to the same logic. Button height can be 1-2 rows.

Note: keyboards can contain up to 24 rows.

Text design

The buttons’ text can contain some HTML tags for design purposes. The allowed tags are listed in the table below.

Tag Description
<b>X</b> Bold text
<i>X</i> Italic text
<u>X</u> Underlined text
<br> Line break
<font color=”#7F00FF”>X</font> Specific text color. Must be a HEX value. Double quotes in JSON should be escaped.

Adding special characters or spaces at the beginning of the row can be done using Unicode. For example, setting a button’s text that starts with a space should look like this:

"Text": "\u00A0 Button text"

Keyboard Reply logic

Pressing a keyboard button would trigger a different reply depending on the buttons “actionType” value.

For actionType reply:

For actionType open-url:

For actionType none:

Note: The none action type is supported on devices running Viber version 6.7 and above.

Keyboard design guidelines

You can learn more about keyboard design guidelines in the following spec.

Keyboard examples

Check our examples section for different keyboard use cases.