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Getting started with bots

Create and build a bot to interact with users through Viber. A Viber bot is a form of Public Account, that will only interact with users through automated messaging in 1on1 messages.

Read more for information about how to create and publish your bot.

Table of Contents

Get started

Start creating your bot from the link below.

Remember, you must have a valid Viber account before you can create a bot on Viber. If you don’t, your application will not be approved.

Create a Bot

Once your application has been approved, you will be sent a message inviting you to start creating your bot. In order to start creating your account you must:


Use the API documentation to learn how to attach your bot to your account. Once this process has been completed you will be able to send and receive messages from users through the bot.

Sharing your bot with Viber users

Share your published bot using the Viber share button, or by creating a deep link. The deep link contains your URI and will direct users from both outside and inside Viber directly to your bot. In order to share your bot, it needs to be published.

Read on for more information ahead of publishing your bot:

Viber bot guidelines

The following checklist sets out the features that must be included in your bot. In order for your bot to be approved, you will need to be able to demonstrate that they are there.

Bot details



Make your bot public

Once you have completed your bot, ensuring it meets all guidelines, you may submit a bot publication form.

Once your bot has been approved it will become available to the public and will now be searchable.

The best Viber bots are featured in our discover section where bots enjoy increased exposure and engagement. Your bot must be published for it to feature on the discover screen.

Publish Your Bot