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Deep Links

Public accounts will be able to implement a deep link that directs users to a 1-on-1 chat with a PA. Pressing this link will open a conversation with the PA and trigger a conversation started event.

A conversation started event will be triggered each time the user presses the link, even if the user has a conversation history with the PA.

The deep link is created using the PA URI, according to two schemes:

viber://pa?chatURI=<Public Account URI> 

Additional parameters

The public account will be able to attach two additional parameters to the deep link:


The value of this parameter will be forwarded to the PA under the context parameter in the conversation started callback (see conversation started for additional details). The context will be transferred as a string and has no length limit (up to URL length limit).


The value of this parameter will appear in the text input field when the 1-on-1 chat with the PA is opened by pressing the deep link. The user will be able to send the text as it is, edit it, or delete it.

A deep link with context parameter will look as follows:

viber://pa?chatURI=<Public Account URI>&context=abcdefg&text=hello

Note: Some browsers might have a problem identifying the deep link. To make sure the link works try sending it as a Viber message and pressing it from within Viber.