Viber Joins Hackathon AI 2017 in Tel Aviv

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Hundreds of developers and coders of varying ages and backgrounds recently assembled at Tel Aviv’s We Work building for Hackathon AI 2017 to take a shot at coming up with the next big chatbot solution for Viber. Viber’s Global Developer Relations Manager, Itamar Mula, joined in the hack and demonstrated some cool keyboard hacks during the event.

Most of the people participating in the hack joined as teams, and 4 teams led the way with different extension of end user chat abilities with functionalities such as artificial intelligence, image recognition and more This was an opportunity to help solve next level chat usage for Viber and to put out something unique and fun for everyone to see. Teams had 24 hours for their hack and had the chance to win prizes and bragging rights for building a winning solution for Viber. One solution we liked was an anonymous chat room that one of the teams created using the ‘publish-subscribe’ pattern in a chat bot manner that allows users to join anonymous groups via a QR code.

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