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Public Accounts

Public Accounts are a communication hub within Viber. Connect with followers by:

  1. Customizing your info screen with your brand, description and location.
  2. Sending free 1on1 messages to users.
  3. Attaching Bots to interact with users.
  4. Delivering information in Public Chat conversations.

Public Chats

Viber group conversations which can be found and followed by any Viber user. Public Chats are accessed from the Public Account info screen. Group participants can post in the group and contribute content.

Info Screen

The Public Account home screen. Customize the info screen with your brand, description and location. The info screen contains links to other services in the account, as well as Joker buttons with URLs to relevant pages.

Joker Buttons

Customized buttons directing users to predetermined URLs. Up to four Joker buttons allowed for each Public Account. Account admins can choose to show or hide a specific button. Buttons include links such as “play”, “download”, “buy now”, “more” and so on.

1on1 Chat

Free private messages between the account and users. Rich formats supported, including: text, images, video, links, location and more.

Public Accounts API

Integrate 1on1 chat or Bots with your Public Account using the Public Accounts API. The Public Account user token can be found in the Edit Details screen.

Integrated Partners

Link an existing CRM to send 1on1 chats with users. A complete list of integrated partners can be found here. All communication will be managed through the CRM backend.


Bots are fully customizable apps that can be added to the Public Account to facilitate interaction between users and your account. See the Public Accounts API to learn more about how to add a pre-existing Bot to an account.


Keyboards are the preferred Bot communication form for Viber’s Public Accounts. Keyboards allow the account to define the conversation you wish to have with users by providing answer options to each question. Use the Public Accounts API to add a keyboard to your account.


Featured and top Public Accounts appear on Discover. Discover is localized, so users will see Public Accounts most relevant to them in their country or local area.

Authentication token

The authentication token (also known as application key) is a unique and secret account identifier. It is used to authenticate requests in the Public Accounts API and to prevent unauthorized persons from sending requests on behalf of a Public Account. You will need this token when during the integration process.

The authentication token is generated upon Public Account creation and can be viewed by the account’s admins in the “edit info” screen of their Public Account.

Public Account URI

The Public Account URI is used in several use cases. From deep linking to just sharing your group. Get your Public Account URI by placing a call to the get_account_info API method. The URI will be part of the response object.